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linda falorio, 1978, 1996


D = 12

The seventh month was assigned the letter D and the number 12 ~ symbolic of a cycle of completion, with the twelve signs of the zodiac representing the twelve basic human types. The D month is part Gemini, and part Cancer, with the Summer Solstice falling nearly in the middle. Gemini in the Tarot is Atu VI ~ The Lovers, The Twins, the warring forces of Light and Dark. Furthermore, when "twinned" the number 6 yields 12.

Light comes to the height of its powers with the Summer Solstice, which at the same time marks the down-turning of the wheel, with the powers of Darkness once more ascending. It is the ancient tale of the old king and his tanist, or twin, it is the tale of the twins of light and darkness: of Christ, the bringer of Light and his dark double, St. John; of Abel and Cain; of Horus and Set.

The feast that marks this turning point, occupying the opposing point to Christmas Eve, is St. John's eve, celebrated by practitioners of Voudoo with waterside rituals culminating in orgies of dark ecstasy.

Atu VI is the seventeenth path of the Tree of Life, which by the Least Number method of qabalah is 1 + 7 = 8: the number of Hadit, whose primordial powers are celebrated at Summer Solstice, the zenith of the generative powers of the Sun. In America it is the month when we celebrate "Father's Day" ~ the Macrocosmic Hadit, Hadad, having become the Microcosmic Dad. It is interesting to note that many primal male deities have names beginning with the letter D: Dagon, god of the Euphrates; Dardanus, the ancestor of the Trojans; Dionysus, dark god of ecstasy; Dominus; Deus. While other words referring to the power of generation have D as their strongest consonant, such as: Lord, Adam, Adonai, God.


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