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linda falorio, 1978, 1996, 1998

E = 2

Second in the vowel sequence is the letter E, corresponding to the second Sephira of the Tree of Life, the energetic dyad of Chokmah. The letter E belongs to the Autumn Equinox when the forces of Light and Darkness are held in dynamic equilibrium. As the Sun crosses the Equator in its yearly journey south, day and night, now of equal duration are held in precarious balance. Turned on its side, the letter E suggests The Balance, symbol of Libra, the astrological sign which is brought in with the Fall Equinox.

Mythologically, the Sun, Bringer of Light, is locked in mortal combat with his Twin, the Dark One, the Double, Diablo, the Devil. Here is the masculine Solar energy versus the dark feminine, the Moon, ruler of the Summer Solstice.  Inevitably the balance shifts, and the Dark One wins their yearly mortal combat; Night once more is longer than the Day.


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