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G = 10

The eleventh month, directly following Fall Equinox, was assigned the letter G and the number 10, which is the number of physical manifestation. The worlds of Spirit and of Matter move close to one another at this time of year, with boundaries so fragile there is interpenetration bewteen the worlds, and spirits easily manifest to mortals. We have learned to appease these spirits, or ghosts, disguised as our own children on the festival of Halloween. In Mexico this day is celebrated as the Day of the Dead, or "The Feast of all Souls".

The Hebrew letter associated with this month is Lamed, the "ox goad", which recalls this the time of year as that when animals are herded down from summer pastures. Darkness has overcome the Light, the Dark Star prevails over hir Bright Twin, the Sun, but the shift is as yet imperceptible. Everything seems in precarious balance, dancing on the razor's edge of Fall. The associated Tarot Trump is Atu VIII, Libra, Lady of the Balance, weighing Life and Death upon her scales. The path of the Lady of the Balance on the Tree of Life is 19 ~ 1 + 9 = 10 ~by the Least Number method of Qabalah. This, the eleventh month is symbolic of the eleventh Sephira of the Tree of Life, Dašth, which is the passage into a magically potent parallel universe ~ Universe B ~ which is ruled by the Dark Star, Sirius.


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