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N = 13

The N month of the ancient Lunar year corresponds to the season of Pisces, Passover, and Lent, the season of the Crucifixion of Christ and the Resurrection ~ Easter is calculated as the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox. T.S. Elliot notes that this is "the cruelest time of year", for what cannot grow must die. It is a time when ancient cultures had severe religious strictures imposed upon diet, for the winter stores of food would be depleted, and the spring grains, herbs, and meat would not yet be forthcoming; precious meat was wisely reserved for pregnant women, children, the invalid, and old.

The letter N was assigned 13, the number of Death and Unity.  In the Tarot, Atu XIII is the card of Death, which also signifies change and rebirth, for death leads to inevitably rebirth, as the apparent death of nature through the dark of winter leads to rebirth in the spring. The corresponding Hebrew letter Nun means "fish" ~ a familiar symbol of the Christos.


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