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linda falorio, 1978, 1996, 1998


T = 11

The eighth lunar month, anciently assigned the letter T, is the first full month of summer following the Summer Solstice, when the powers of the Sun radiate through the fixed fire sign of Leo. 11 is the number of the letter T, represented in the Tarot by Atu XI ~ Lust, the card of Magick. The associated Hebrew letter, Teth, means "serpent", which is an ancient symbol of magick, healing, and of kundalini ~ the "serpent power". The eleventh path of the Tree of Life is traversed by the Sacred Fool, Atu 0 ~ the Bright Twin who was brought forth in Spring from the darkness of the Winter Solstice, and who in Summer reaches the culmination of Hir power. At the end of the T month come the "dog days", the hottest time of year, celebrated as Lammas ~ The Feast of Set, God of the Desert, Dark God of Ancient Magicks.


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