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linda falorio, 1978, 1996, 1998


L = 14

The L month begins 28 days later at the end of January with the sign of the Water-Bearer, Aquarius.  Water, the feminine symbol of emotion, understanding, and fertility is the flow of love which is also lust. Love and Lust, each beginning with L are associated with the number fourteen. St. Valentine's Day, feast of love and lustful infatuation is celebrated at the end of the L-month on February 14th. The Tarot of the fourteenth path of the Tree of Life is The Empress, representing the cosmic love of Nature, and is associated with the Goddesses of Love: Venus, Hathoor, and Aphrodite. The Tarot of the twenty-eighth path (twenty-eight equals twice fourteen), The Star, corresponds to Aquarius, and represents Heavenly Isis; The Empress is her earthly counterpart.


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